Whether you’re a licensed reseller of branded products or focused on serving a particular trade or industry; Dancik's software enables your distribution business to have full visibility at a point of sale, warehouse or on the road delivering goods.

Seamless sales order processing

The chances are, once your customers have decided what they want, they will wish to process their transaction as soon as possible and get on with their day. Dancik’s distribution software helps to enhance your trading performance by speeding up sales processes with fast and accurate transaction processing.




Real time stock control

If you can see what’s going in and out of your business you can forecast effectively to make sure your distribution business responds to the ever changing market on time and remains competitive. Our award-winning software for distributors allows you to keep tight control both on a central and on a branch level.

Effective Customer Relationship Management

In a competitive market place it is extremely important to deliver outstanding customer service even for the smallest transactions. Dancik Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you not only to track customer records instantly but to update them in real time across the whole company. This means your staff has the latest information at their fingertips.

Unlocking E-commerce potential

If you’re easier to do business with than your competition, then it’s a no brainer that customers will come to you first. This means offering comprehensive and flexible services, especially when your customers might be on site and want immediate feedback on availability and to execute a quick and easy purchase or item reservation. Whether you run a major distribution center, an internet trading hub, a bulk operation or a specialized business assembling to order, Dancik distribution software can help enhance sales, protect margins, and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers and customers.

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