Analyze your company's performance - anywhere, anytime.

DNav-bi is an advanced way to view, analyze, and manipulate the data contained in the Dancik Enterprise System. With this fully-integrated and very powerful add-on module, you can instantly analyze the profitability of your customers, sales staff, branch locations, and products. DNav-bi also allows you to establish and view key performance indicators (KPIs) that are unique to your business, with the benefit that performance management reporting is more timely and meaningful.


DNav-bi consists of four integrated applications:

Sales Analysis

​You can view sales statistics in graphical format, with summary and detail output to Excel. Information can be sorted by Sales, GP Dollars, GP %, Quantity Sold, and Cost of Sales, including analysis for any combination of Company, Salesman, Branch, Cost Center, Product Line, Customer, and many other criteria.

Workbook Library

​The library provides a set of pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets, including customer analysis, item analysis, general ledger summary and detail, and more. These spreadsheets may be used on a stand-alone basis, or may be used to feed current data to your own personally developed spreadsheets.

ODS “Reports on the Web”

​A link to your personal website of pre-generated reports is available. Any Dancik report can be made to appear on secured web pages.

My Dashboard

​This user-friendly dashboard provides a tailored web interface for each user, divided into separate sections. This graphical interface shows each user’s KPIs. Clicking on your personal dashboard creates a real-time view of the information you have selected. Information is displayed in charts and graphs, with ability to view and download to Excel.



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