DNav-edi Channel Management Solutions

DNav-edi removes the traditional barriers of high-cost EDI translation software by supporting the Flooring Industry B2B Standards for document interchange. Deployment of Dancik CMS in your trading partner group quickly enables sending and receiving information from your enterprise solution to your partners in the channel.



Electronically transmit Purchase Order information to your suppliers, eliminating double entry of this information into your system and then into a supplier's order entry website. Electronically process orders from your customers, reducing overhead for both you and your customers.

Shipping Information

Send or receive Advance Shipping information containing dates, item numbers, serial numbers and associated quantities. Eliminate manual entry of this data into your receiving system, and your customer's receiving system.


Invoices are transmitted from one partner to another eliminating manual entry of invoices. Invoices may be automatically matched to purchase orders. Electronic interchange improves important business indicators such as DSO.

Sales and Inventory

Sales and Inventory Data may be sent from one trading partner to another, enhancing analysis of sales and inventory positions in the channel and addressing buying group reporting requirements.

Item and Price Data

Price catalog information may be sent from one partner to another, thus reducing the time and cost associated with new product launches and pricing updates. By supplying your customer with item data for their system, you create a foundation upon which complete connectivity may be built.



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