Give your customers 24-hour access to place orders, check stock, get pricing information, and more.

DNav-online (Decor 24) is a complete website for your customers to use 24/7. DNav-online is fully integrated with Dancik Enterprise System, and provides real-time data access and order placement. DNav-online increases sales and reduces errors by suggesting the recommended trims, moldings, and installation materials that go with each product ordered.



Order Entry

Customers can search for items by number, description, and category. DNav-online can also display product specifications and installation instructions, as well as prompt customers to order complementary products.


Order Status

Customers can see real-time status of all their open orders, plus a history of shipped orders. Orders can be searched by customer purchase order number, by reference number, or by a special tag line that your customer can enter with each order. Your customers can print their own open order listing and order acknowledgements.


Price List and Catalog Download

Customers can access price lists and catalogs, thus eliminating a costly process for your sales and marketing department. The product pricing provided is tailored to the authorized user. Formats can be in standard MS Excel, MS Word, or HTML Text. DNav-online can integrate with Dancik’s Channel Management Solutions (CMS), which enables your customer to download catalog files using the Floor Covering B2B (fcB2B) Standards.

Promotions and Specials List

A feature is available to advertise any specials, clearances, promotions, odd lots and remnants. DNav-online provides a banner ad capability with summary data, and a detailed display of marked down inventory for your customers to view and order. This online "specials list" includes extensive search criteria, such as specified price ranges, quantity and size ranges, and product categories.


Unique customer passwords and profiles combined with security firewalls to protect against unauthorized access.


You can customize your website by adding your company logo, color schemes, and marketing information.



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