Maximize productivity and efficiency for the modern warehouse

Dancik’s Integrated Warehouse Management System (DNav-wms) combines the latest radio frequency (RF) scanners and bar coding technology with Dancik’s industry expertise. DNav-wms enhances storage utilization and inventory accuracy, while reducing the manpower required to perform warehouse tasks.



DNav-wms Includes:

•             Global view and management of all warehouses

•             Receiving

•             Picking

•             Cutting (rolled goods)

•             Staging and shipping

•             Inventory control and cycle counting

•             Automatic email notifications

•             Productivity analysis

•             Bar code label generation

•             Location management and consolidation


"Dancik has gone beyond the original design concept of IWMS. They developed today's product with close working relationships with warehouse staff on the floor to reflect the reality of what really happens in the modern warehouse."

Mark Shnier. G.E. Shnier & Co.


Global View and Global Management of the Warehouse

Warehouse managers can monitor the entire workflow within their warehouses using Dancik's "Dashboard". Graphic screens show ongoing progress in picking and loading of each delivery and transfer truck. Color codes indicate what percentage of each truck has been picked, staged, and loaded. Managers can drill down to individual orders, shift priorities, and optimize workflow with just one click.


With DNav-wms Dashboard you can:

  • Reduce errors via advanced verification techniques

  • Improve customer service via increased accuracy and optimized workflow

  • Increase productivity per employee

  • Improve warehouse space utilization


DNav-wms Dashboard includes the following feature benefits:

  • Graphical display of warehouse workflow

  • Real-time control of priorities

  • Real-time control of task assignments

  • Real-time tracking of every employee, product, and location

  • Completely web-enabled


DNav-wms Dashboard

DNav-wms offers a real-time graphical view of every item shipping from this warehouse. Graphs can be viewed in 3D or 2D mode based on the capabilities of your PC. The ‘‘View Details” feature lets you see exactly what item is being shipped to which customers. For each truck route, you can easily view how many order lines are already loaded on the truck, picked but not yet loaded, released but not yet picked, or not even started.

DNav-wms offers dynamic task management.  This user-defined and system-directed assignment of tasks is optimized for carton goods versus rolled goods, racks versus bulk storage, and so on. User-defined searches give each operator their own optimized views, and organizes their work into logical "task queues".  Managers can assign operators to the appropriate tasks, print labels and documents, and change priorities.



  • Intelligent item scan

  • Reads any bar code -item number, serial number, UPC, EAN, and so on.

  • Automatically captures UPC codes upon first receipt and recognizes it thereafter

  • Directed put-away -DNav-wms tells operator where to locate each receipt

  • Finds best location, based on product, space, and activity

  • Automatically co-locates like items and like shade/lots

  • Cross-dock opportunities - stage instead of store

  • Fill back orders without a put-away and re-pick

  • Direct operator to bring back-ordered items to the appropriate staging area

  • Product labels (flexible - by product type)

  • Produce unique "License Plate Number" (LPN) for every pallet

  • Automatic split of large receipt quantities into pallet quantities

  • Two-step put-away support for narrow aisles

  • Moves to end-of-aisle, then move to storage bin


DNav-wms recognizes whatever bar codes are available

DNav-wms was designed for the real world - where not all suppliers follow the same standards. DNav-wms recognizes North American UPC codes, European EAN codes, and can create its own bar-coded labels for unmarked cartons and crates.



  • Build-A-Pallet

    • Groups picks into pallets and optimizes sequences of picks

    • Assigns picks to a unique pallet ID as an operator builds the pallet

    • One scan moves and updates all lines within a pallet

    • Stores history of what is on every pallet

    • Links to EDI and B2B (ASN to your customer includes pallet data)

  • Flexible scanning - verifies that the right material is picked

    • Scans UPC code if available

    • Scans internally or externally generated bar codes

  • Directed Staging - knows to which dock door to stage

    • Allows for pallet consolidation at dock door

  • Flexible Allocations - looks for best locations from which to pick

    • Dynamically re-assigns location for most efficient picks

  • RF-Directed or Label-Directed picking

    • Prints label before or after pick

    • Assigns picks to operators based on zone, product, and so on

    • Resequences workflow instantly when a change in priority occurs

  • Managing exceptions

    • Operators can cycle count locations while picking              

    • If operator does not find the correct quantity at the instructed location, DNav-wms automatically:

      • Tries to find an alternative location, and re-allocates order

      • "Freezes” the location with the shortage

      • Emails the appropriate staff regarding the shortage


Cutting Rolled Goods

  • Instantly knows what is on the cutting table or in carts

    • No more "can't finds" because the roll is "out of location"

  • Shows all other orders that can be cut from "current roll"

    • Cut from same roll instead of relocating rolls again and again

  • Perform all roll-related tasks of cutting machine

    • Link to cutting machine meter

    • Record measured balances

    • Adjust for damage

  • Directed put-away of roll balance

  • Directed staging of the cut

  • Automatic setting for "when to ship small balances, when to discard"

  • Prints roll labels at cutting machine - for cuts and for balances


Staging and Shipping

  • RF screen directs user to correct staging area and truck

  • RF screen alerts user if on item is placed on the wrong truck

  • Automatic status update based upon location

    • Knows that staging areas represent status "Staged"

    • Knows that trucks/trailers represent status "Shipped"

    • Status "Shipped" orders ore automatically invoiced

    • Customer service sees status changes in real time

  • Generates manifests, bills of lading, packing list, ASNs

  • Warehouse manager has global view of all shipments and processes



"What (Dancik) has been able to do is offer us a product where it's fully integrated with the ERP components but, at the same time, focuses on managing the activity and the data with in the four walls (of our warehouse)."

Robert Hagood, William M. Bird & Co.



Inventory Control and Cycle Counting

  • Cycle count by item, by serial number, or by location

  • Flag a location for cycle counting while performing other tasks


Automatic Email Notification

  • System automatically sends email to the appropriate party

    • Emails when large adjustments are made

    • Emails when adjustment causes availability to go negative


Productivity Analysis

  • Log of every move - who, what, when, where - is captured

  • Search log by flexible criteria

  • Graphical display of tasks -what's open, what's complete

  • Operator Panel - shows where every warehouse worker is at any given time

    • Manager can send message to an idle operator's RF screen



  • Real-time integration is available to all other Dancik applications

  • Customer service can view real-time warehouse order status

  • Status updates are recorded on the order inquiry notepads

  • DNav-wms order status can block customer service actions

    • Prevents changes and cancellations on orders already picked and staged


Add-ons for DNav-wms

UPS WorldShip  Interface

Labor and error reduction achieved through integration of UPS WorldShip software

Dancik's UPS Worldship Interface eliminates the need for your employees to manually enter UPS shipments into the UPS Worldship software application.  The interface can also upload UPS-assigned freight charges and tracking numbers into the UPS orders that are housed within Dancik Enterprise System.  Dancik's UPS Worldship Interface provides all of the information needed for the UPS Worldship software to create shipping labels and calculate shipping charges.


UPS Roadnet 5000 Interface

Reduce trucking expenses through integration of UPS Roadnet 5000 software

Dancik's Roadnet 5000 Interface enables Dancik Enterprise System users who also have the UPS Roadnet 5000 software package to automate tasks associated with route and load optimization. Using a "Geocode" identifier for all of your locations, truckloads can be last in/first out optimized with dynamic routing calculated by Roadnet 5000 and automatically updated into Dancik Enterprise System.


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