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Someone You Should Know. 

There are many interesting and successful people involved in CTDA. From time to time, we will highlight some of those people in CTDA This Week.


This week: Mitch Dancik, Chairman, Dancik International


We asked Mitch a few questions about himself, his company, CTDA and the industry. Mitch is definitely Someone You Should Know.


What is your background and business experience?

Creating and supporting software systems for tile distributors for 30 years. Our first customer was Virginia Tile Company, and we have been supporting their growth since 1985. I had previously designed inventory and distribution systems for several industries. When I saw the unique aspects of the tile, stone and flooring industries, I decided to devote my career to this industry. Half of all the hard surface flooring (tile, wood, ect.) in North America is handled by our systems at some point in the supply chain.

How long have you been involved in CTDA and what roles have you taken within the organization? 

I joined CTDA in the mid to late 1980′s and have been a member ever since. My company is an associate member of CTDA. I have participated primarily in educational activities, including presenting seminars on various computer related topics. I am also co-president of the Floor Covering B2B Association (fcB2B) which is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of technical standards and B2B communication. CTDA is an active member of fcB2B.


What do you see as the greatest challenges facing tile distributors in the next few years? 

I am an optimist who thinks that the entrepreneurial spirit of most tile distributors allows CTDA members to thrive amidst the big boxes and national chains. However, I am still concerned that technology is always second on the shopping list to that next container of tile. The generally strong margins of most tile distributors is hiding a weakness, which is that cost structures are too high. Technologically advanced companies have an advantage over most tile distributors, and that advantage will be more pronounced in time.

 How are you positioning your company to meet those challenges?

Everyday our goal is to create, instill, and support the systems that will give our customers the technological advantages to win in this marketplace. Many companies take advantage of what we offer, but many do not put the proper emphasis on continually improving their systems and making better use of the systems they already have in place.

What are the greatest benefits your company and/or you personally receive from CTDA?

CTDA serves as a crucial gateway to our community of manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. It is our “go to” destination for making connections and getting educated. We have never missed an annual event.


This article appeared in the CTDA email newsletter CTDA This Week on April 2, 2015.

April 3, 2015
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