Adleta Corp. DNav-online Success Story


Adleta is first and foremost in the business of providing our customers with exceptional service! While the implementation of Decor24 (DNav-online) provided our company with multiple opportunities for improvement with regards to internal processes, the decision to offer an E-Commerce solution was driven primarily by the fact that today's flooring retailers and contractors demand an online presence from their vendors.


Company Overview

Founded in 1922, Adleta has more than 90 years’ experience in distribution and over 40 years’ experience in flooring industry. They serve 2,500 customers throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. They have partnered with many world-class flooring manufactures to offer a wide variety of high-end flooring products. They are recognized as a leader in the industry by both suppliers and customers.

Prior to implementing DNav-online 2,500 customers over 500,000 square miles were calling into the main distribution center to check stock and pricing, place orders and check the status of orders.


Gains and benefits

  • corporate image has improved
  • customers and sales representatives have 24/7 access to inventory and pricing in real time
  • 12% of sales are now placed electronically
  • sales representatives and customers can now print their own price lists -  printed price lists are no longer mailed
  • increased profits due to decreased costs in processed orders
  • today more orders are processed than ever in the history of the company
  • achieved greater order accuracy
  • issuing fewer credits because of mis-keyed orders